January 1, 2012

Mustaches For All

It just wouldn’t be a bash, without a mustache.

One of the best friends graciously threw everyone a Mustachio Bashio!

Everyone had to don a mustache, unless they had the luck of growing their own. I, sadly, cannot grow one. I stuck to a black ‘stache that split when I smiled for most of the night. The guests were encouraged to dress up, but didn’t have to. The only accessory required was, you guessed it, class. (Oh, and a mustache:)

We had ribs, desserts, and a gift exchange. Everyone had a great time.

Everyone took profile pictures, of course. It was a great way to reunite with hometown friends. I say that everyone should have a party requiring mustaches at least once a year.

December 26, 2011

Christmas Morning

We woke up just before eight. Little man had to stay in the hallway until everyone was up. His reaction to everything was priceless. Good thing we caught it on the iPad! As always, my parents went above and beyond with little surprises. As much as I love everything I got, just spending two whole days with my family was the best present of all. We spent all evening hanging out, eating appetizers, laying by the fire, and watching Christmas movies. Christmas day, after waking up early, we opened presents and had a nice breakfast. Everyone stayed in their pjs and lounged all day together. It was wonderful. Hope you all had just as fabulous of a day.

December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas


December 24, 2011

For Granted.

There are a lot of everyday things that I have a hard time remembering to be thankful for. Health, for example, needs to be remembered. It can so easily be altered or someone can get hurt. I only remember how thankful I should be once I’m sick, wishing to return to normal. The feeling of returning to normal health is one of the best feelings, in my book at least. So today, as I’m finally not as dizzy and running into walls (vertigo/sinuses), I am thankful. Also, I’m thankful for the days when my friends and family are healthy. I’m also thankful for the medicine that is out there to help those I love.

Today and everyday, I am thankful for my family and friends. The friends that have turned into family, and the families that have made me more than just a friend. I love them and I don’t know what I would do without them.


The holidays are more than presents. It’s about remembering what you have, spending as much time as you can with those loved ones, and giving back.



December 21, 2011

The last week in pictures



December 16, 2011

That’s a wrap.

The semester is over!

Only 20 more hours until I’ll be home.


*Eating celery in a quiet room. It’s a very loud food to eat..

*Dancing to my music while studying.

Did i mention i was in a public place and someone started laughing at me?

*My dancing skills in general.

*How messy my room is because of finals week.

*The reoccurring dreams that I had this week. I h a t e  my tornado dreams and I haven’t had one in about six months, thanks finals.

*Also, I still can’t eat a burrito without it falling apart all over the place.

*The amount of coffee I drink.

A w e s o m e.

(When people bring you coffee as you’re studying)

(New to me bands~see playlist)

(Finishing finals)

(IU beating UK ohmygosh, it was a fantastic day)

(Present giving)

(Seeing friends you have barely seen all semester and being able to pick everything up like you saw each other yesterday)

(Half price Goodwill days. So great for college girls, like me, who like to buy their nephews books)

(The mug in the above picture. My guy friends are too cool for school)

December 15, 2011

Luck of the draw.

Since it’s finals week, I thought I’d talk about luck.

Do you have any lucky tricks?


I have a few tricks I whip out on exam days.

For example, it’s all about what you wear. I do have lucky underwear. I am one of those people. Don’t judge me. I also try to wear one of 3 pairs of shoes.

Then we have music.

I listen to either my newest pump up song or one of my favorites to get my mind focused. Usually this one. After that, it’s just about being comfortable. I try to wear leggings or something similar. Uncomfortable jeans are not your friends on test days.

Here are some lucky superstitions if you’re shopping for a new one.

When I used to cheer, I had to stand there before going on stage and silently go through the entire routine. I also wore lucky underwear back then…

You may think superstitions are silly, but it’s more of a mental state. It boosts confidence or how comfortable you feel. Lucky people make their own “luck.” Just read this. Or don’t, it’s kind of long. Read this instead. Anyway, I’m going to continue my superstitious ways whether or not it really helps. It’s routine now, it makes me feel better.

~Always remember, though:

“Chance favors only the prepared mind.”

-Louis Pasteur

Regardless, you’ll probably look like this after exams.

Just make sure you write correctly. Or think about ALOTS.

December 14, 2011

Do you love your job?

I’m sure there are things you don’t like about it. Let’s be honest, everyone has something.

Do you love it anyway?

Well, luckily, I am one of the people that can answer yes to that question.

Sure, I can get overwhelmed by too many projects going on, but I have such a supportive staff. I have made friends that I’ll have for the rest of my life.

I also have amazing residents. I love helping them out with things and just learning about them and seeing them enjoy their first semester of college. After a long day, I’ll talk with my residents, and it reminds me of why I wanted to do this job in the first place. I wanted to help students get comfortable with living on campus away from home, because it was hard for me.

It’s so rewarding to see them enjoy this year & I can’t believe the semester is coming to a close. It’s bittersweet.

I’ll be honest, though. I C A N ‘ T wait for my last final to be over & to see my wonderful family and friends! <3


December 13, 2011

Only Tuesday

S o r r y for the lack of quality posts lately.

It’s finals week, forgive me?

Here’s a new song I found instead of writing. I need to stop finding ways to not study.

December 12, 2011

you over there.

via a friend’s FB.

So I don’t know about you, but finals are stressing me out. My grades are not what they used to be and that’s stressing me out, too. I have to learn, though, that I can’t get straight A+’s like high school, be great at my job, sleep, do what I love, and feel sane. I need to be happy with where I’m at and what I’m doing. I’ll take it one step at a time, and if it doesn’t work out, it won’t be the end of the world.