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November 10, 2011

Did you hear?

We had snow!


Starbucks’ new sleeve saying. Let’s merry, let’s marry or let’s be merry…

Walking up stairs in a floor length, flowy dress. How do you make it look normal and effortless? I tripped multiple times.

Eating a burrito. I will conquer this task someday.

Canceling plans.

Not knowing anything about cars exactly when I need to.

Getting stressed out and having a breakdown.

Planning programs, I never feel prepared.

Talking in front of class or groups..


My best friends, hands down.

When programs turn out well.

Starbucks & how I now have a free drink. What up gold membership?!

Watching Grey’s with good friends.

Going to visit one of the best friends tomorrow!

Oh yeah, 11/11/11 woooo!

First SNOW of the year! (:

Friends throwing a shout out to my blog. Thanks Devon! Check out her blog, Thoughts in Word Form

September 26, 2011

Coffee, anyone?

via Public Radio

It’s national coffee week.

& I love coffee, therefore I love this week.

Here are some coffee posts from around the web for you to enjoy.

How to make coffee consumption more eco friendly here.

Coffee 101 from The Coffee Experiment

The wonderful art of coffee.

The hilarious Kristin Chenoweth, on the latte boy.

A Coffee Comic worth reading.

An absolutely adorable proposal.

So if your week is stressful, or if you’re running around as busy as a bee … take a moment and sip your coffee. You deserve it.

September 5, 2011

Fall, is that you?

Hello loves,

I hope your weekend was full of fun or relaxation.

It officially feels like fall on campus, with the weather today. I love love love it.

Not to mention, this weekend was fabulous.

Good talks over Red Mango. Getting to know new friends better. Fun nights out. Chill nights in. Avoiding homework. Reading wedding blogs. Seeing old friends. Coffee. Leaving cute post-it notes all over someone’s mirror as a surprise. Visiting my aunt’s for Labor Day. Getting to see my family. Little man is getting so big, it’s crazy!

That’s a snippet of my weekend, hope yours was just as fabulous!


& Now that school’s officially starting.. good luck to everyone.

If you’re not in school… well, still enjoy the fall weather!

September 1, 2011

Actually on time.

Oh look, Thursday is here again.

That means Friday is tomorrow! No school Monday!



The above picture my sister happened to capture this summer as we were trying to do an outfit post…

Me, TRYING to eat a burrito. (I look like I’m feeding my shirt.)

Falling asleep in class and knocking your papers all over the ground.

Trying to find a conversation partner through my school’s classifieds website… how do people do online dating?!

When people avoid eye contact with me as they pass me, and I’m waving to them..

Burning myself twice in a day.

How everyone on staff thinks I’m weird, because I drink so much coffee and I am impatiently waiting for my Sbux gold card to get here.

The way I now talk, with words like supa, totes, awk. See below and the Harvard Sailing Team videos.

I went to the Spanish conversation table today and forgot how to introduce myself, or say anything. Can you say rusty?


How every time I type awesome, I say it like the 3rd grade cheer.

I get to see my family MONDAY!

Coffee, without a doubt.

My professors, they’re all interesting and supa nice.

Not being on duty all week/end

Can I say coffee again? What about pumpkin spice?

The weather here. & the fall is right around the corner.

Free tshirts.

Working out, finally.

August 31, 2011

Just so you know..

Pumpkin Spice is back!

& I got to enjoy it with a good friend on the first day of classes.


I love, love sbux way too much.

But here’s the best part…. IT WAS FREE! Yes, free, for my birthday.

Yay yay yay!


P.S. Let me just tell you how awkward it is trying to find a conversation partner online…