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January 19, 2012

Chai do.

Hey everyone. I was going to post yesterday, but I was protesting SOPA!

Now, on to less serious matters.


The above photo. It’s my picture for our staff family tree that hangs up in the center of our residence hall.

Not being able to control your crying in public. Yeah, let’s not talk about it.

Only being able to keep track of your friends’ lives because of twitter.

Not being able to respond to a question in class because she was using vocab I’ve never heard.

The fact that I haven’t gone boarding at all this year.

Speed-walking/running to class.

Not being able to pee because you woke up 5 minutes before ballet started @ 8 AM

My coordination skills in ballet. I swear every time my teacher tells us about how we’re doing something wrong, he’s staring at me.


Realizing you have F A N T A S T I C friends who will help you through anything. thank you.

Dancing in my room to this song. So catchy.


Ballet! I may look like a giraffe trying to learn the basics, but it’s my favorite class.

Getting oranges from FL sent to you. yum.

CHAI! (Thanks to my dad for getting me chai concentrate for Christmas) with vanilla soy milk, so good.

The sun. It does wonders for your mood.

Actually having a clean room. It doesn’t matter that I shoved all my clothes on a chair in my closet, I can’t see that part.

Yes, I took pictures of my chai with christmas lights. It made my night better.

June 20, 2011

chai is love

I love chai tea lattes.

I may have developed the love for them after I decided to try one because this amazing lady always wrote of the (amazing-ness) of them.

Anyway, I tried it once and was hooked. They are especially lovely after a chemistry exam at 9:45 on Tuesday nights.

I think they got me through the winter, literally.

via Surrender of Thoughts

Do you know those articles in fashion magazines that say “if you skip the latte everyday you could buy all of this?” Then it proceeds to show you very cute dresses, shoes, and purses that most girls would love to have.

For a split moment I think, “maybe I’ll stop getting my chai and my macchiatos.”

Then I think better.