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January 19, 2012

Chai do.

Hey everyone. I was going to post yesterday, but I was protesting SOPA!

Now, on to less serious matters.


The above photo. It’s my picture for our staff family tree that hangs up in the center of our residence hall.

Not being able to control your crying in public. Yeah, let’s not talk about it.

Only being able to keep track of your friends’ lives because of twitter.

Not being able to respond to a question in class because she was using vocab I’ve never heard.

The fact that I haven’t gone boarding at all this year.

Speed-walking/running to class.

Not being able to pee because you woke up 5 minutes before ballet started @ 8 AM

My coordination skills in ballet. I swear every time my teacher tells us about how we’re doing something wrong, he’s staring at me.


Realizing you have F A N T A S T I C friends who will help you through anything. thank you.

Dancing in my room to this song. So catchy.


Ballet! I may look like a giraffe trying to learn the basics, but it’s my favorite class.

Getting oranges from FL sent to you. yum.

CHAI! (Thanks to my dad for getting me chai concentrate for Christmas) with vanilla soy milk, so good.

The sun. It does wonders for your mood.

Actually having a clean room. It doesn’t matter that I shoved all my clothes on a chair in my closet, I can’t see that part.

Yes, I took pictures of my chai with christmas lights. It made my night better.

December 16, 2011

That’s a wrap.

The semester is over!

Only 20 more hours until I’ll be home.


*Eating celery in a quiet room. It’s a very loud food to eat..

*Dancing to my music while studying.

Did i mention i was in a public place and someone started laughing at me?

*My dancing skills in general.

*How messy my room is because of finals week.

*The reoccurring dreams that I had this week. I h a t e  my tornado dreams and I haven’t had one in about six months, thanks finals.

*Also, I still can’t eat a burrito without it falling apart all over the place.

*The amount of coffee I drink.

A w e s o m e.

(When people bring you coffee as you’re studying)

(New to me bands~see playlist)

(Finishing finals)

(IU beating UK ohmygosh, it was a fantastic day)

(Present giving)

(Seeing friends you have barely seen all semester and being able to pick everything up like you saw each other yesterday)

(Half price Goodwill days. So great for college girls, like me, who like to buy their nephews books)

(The mug in the above picture. My guy friends are too cool for school)

December 8, 2011

You know how it is

Mad Hatter: Have I gone mad?

Alice: I’m afraid so. You’re entirely bonkers. But I’ll tell you a secret. All the best people are.


>>How I can’t walk in heels, but decided to wear my tallest pair out to dinner… in the rain.

>>Starting to practice sprinting which leads to a slight asthma panic. just the usual.

>>Encounters with residents in awkward situations

>>Sleeping way too much, and still being tired

>>When you don’t realize that you’re staring at someone until they look at you with the what are you looking at face.

>>The lengths I go to to avoid studying for finals…

>>How I should be writing a paper right now.

>>Cracking up in crowded areas at tweets that get sent to my phone

>>Falling asleep every s i n g l e time I try to read in the Union


<<Finding out you got an A on a difficult paper

<<White Peppermint Mochas with my meal points. (:

<<Only having a week left of school which means WINTER BREAK

<<Christmas lights & 25 days of Christmas

<<The people I work with. Don’t know what I’d do without them.

<<Unexpected compliments

<<Dinner celebrations with friends

<<Giving presents

<<How supportive my family always is, no matter where we are. <3

November 10, 2011

Did you hear?

We had snow!


Starbucks’ new sleeve saying. Let’s merry, let’s marry or let’s be merry…

Walking up stairs in a floor length, flowy dress. How do you make it look normal and effortless? I tripped multiple times.

Eating a burrito. I will conquer this task someday.

Canceling plans.

Not knowing anything about cars exactly when I need to.

Getting stressed out and having a breakdown.

Planning programs, I never feel prepared.

Talking in front of class or groups..


My best friends, hands down.

When programs turn out well.

Starbucks & how I now have a free drink. What up gold membership?!

Watching Grey’s with good friends.

Going to visit one of the best friends tomorrow!

Oh yeah, 11/11/11 woooo!

First SNOW of the year! (:

Friends throwing a shout out to my blog. Thanks Devon! Check out her blog, Thoughts in Word Form

November 3, 2011

Today is a good day.


Always walking into the wrong side of the door at CVS. I swear it should open on the right side, but it never does.

Walking, then swiftly turning around while talking to myself because I forgot something… but having people notice it.

Falling asleep at 8:30 and waking up still sitting with my Freud reading on my lap.

Waking up realizing that my nose ring was ripped out by my fuzzy pillow in the middle of the night. ouch.

Always complaining, and having my friends say: “#FirstWorldProblems” -makes me realize that I should be more thankful for things.

Doing very poorly on two exams..

Not having time to blog for a whole week.

Forgetting my umbrella, and forgetting to zip my backpack all the way = wet papers.


Seeing my family

Halloween. Love love loved that weekend. (Seeing high school friends, good memories & stories, fun costumes, note:above I’m a spiderweb, best friends, treats, and volunteering with kids)

Best friends visiting for Halloween.

Phone calls with my dad.

Local grocery stores. Bloomingfoods saved my program and I <3 it.

Doing well in a class.

Surprise gifts.

Christmas lights in my room. (Also, holiday cheer & all of the new decorations and ads for the holidays)

I’m taking ballet next semester as an elective!

My bulletin board is a turkey & my residents can put up feathers with things they are thankful for. Some they put up include of course: family, support, education, and friends… but then there was also: Nutella, glee, and my favorite, My dashing looks.

October 20, 2011

Thursday, already?


Falling on slippery floors due to the rain. Not once. Not twice. Three times. Plus my raincoat is magenta… hard to not take notice.

Reading aloud. I thought I was good at it, until I stumbled all over my words multiple times.

How I do not wake up to my alarm. I have to set 6 alarms. I tend to wake up two hours after I wanted to …

Pushing papers off until the night before they are do. I don’t know how to relate Marx and Weber AND RELIGION. No sleep?

When people always ask me, “What are you wearing?” … but not as a compliment… so what? sometimes I wear oversize Dad sweaters, leggings, shorts, and rain boots..


The fact that my family is visiting this week and one of the bests is coming the weekend after. (:

Having an alcohol program that includes “wine” (sparkling grape juice), cheese, and dressing fancy.

Having a reason to buy a new dress.

Rearranging & cleaning my room so I can concentrate. *Note the heels above which are placed on my window sill.

My desk that my fabulous father made. It is painted white with a pickle finish so you can still see the wood grain. Love it, because it makes me feel like I don’t live in a dorm… sort of..

The fact that I’m making an HP bulletin board. Love my job.

October 12, 2011

90s girl

If you were a child of the 90s. Mainly, if you were a girl who grew up in this decade and you tweet, check out this page.

 So funny.


October 6, 2011


–Basically half the conversations I have.

–How upset I get when I find people who don’t like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, or Star Wars

–Me trying to limp speed walk to class. (silly rolled ankle)

–Forgetting assignments

–The way I take exams

–Falling asleep in class, in Panera, outside, basically everywhere.

–Waking up when class starts, and having a hot mess hair day


–My staff, really. They are so supportive & some of the best people I know and are always willing to help out.

–Getting to see my best friends and family!

–New nail designs

–Getting a 99/100 on my paper!

–Baby gourds to decorate with

–Getting mail and  thank you cards

–Buying new stationary!

September 29, 2011

National Coffee Day!


Dropping my phone, shouting, & it turning to the white screen of death.

Rolling my ankle during my jog, while three guys were looking.

Limping everywere.

Flirting with the cafe boy — ha, just take my word for it.

Falling asleep in class, again, and waking up with my mouth open.

Trying to find someone when they didn’t have a phone and neither did I.

Boys trying to order coffee. Grand CarAHmel MaCHHiattooo, actually that was entertaining.



My new iphone!

National Coffee Day, yes.

Actually remembering that it’s Thursday

Having class cancelled

John Butler Trio CDs mailed to me!

Getting mail in general, love love love.

Bookstores. Everything about them and new books.


September 16, 2011

“Here we come to a turning of the season…”



My dancing, in large groups of people.

The state of my room right now. SO many coffee cups

Bombing bio quizzes.

Falling asleep everywhere besides my bed.

My freak out sessions when bees try to hide in my scarf.

How close squirrels will get to you on campus.


Laughing (so much this week) until you almost pee.

My dad and his best are visiting me tomoorow!

The feeling you get after working out.

Sushi bar & sprice! (spicy rice with tempura flakes)

Actually getting enough sleep.

Skyping with little man.

Locally grown, organic food.

The weekend! & The weather!

Who can name the song that’s in the title?