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January 20, 2012

Around the world.

It’s not a secret, I want to travel. It’s tough to figure it out, though. With school, money, jobs, family… how does one do it?

Well these two ladies did, and I can’t wait to follow their web series!

January 1, 2012

Mustaches For All

It just wouldn’t be a bash, without a mustache.

One of the best friends graciously threw everyone a Mustachio Bashio!

Everyone had to don a mustache, unless they had the luck of growing their own. I, sadly, cannot grow one. I stuck to a black ‘stache that split when I smiled for most of the night. The guests were encouraged to dress up, but didn’t have to. The only accessory required was, you guessed it, class. (Oh, and a mustache:)

We had ribs, desserts, and a gift exchange. Everyone had a great time.

Everyone took profile pictures, of course. It was a great way to reunite with hometown friends. I say that everyone should have a party requiring mustaches at least once a year.

September 5, 2011

Fall, is that you?

Hello loves,

I hope your weekend was full of fun or relaxation.

It officially feels like fall on campus, with the weather today. I love love love it.

Not to mention, this weekend was fabulous.

Good talks over Red Mango. Getting to know new friends better. Fun nights out. Chill nights in. Avoiding homework. Reading wedding blogs. Seeing old friends. Coffee. Leaving cute post-it notes all over someone’s mirror as a surprise. Visiting my aunt’s for Labor Day. Getting to see my family. Little man is getting so big, it’s crazy!

That’s a snippet of my weekend, hope yours was just as fabulous!


& Now that school’s officially starting.. good luck to everyone.

If you’re not in school… well, still enjoy the fall weather!

August 11, 2011

One of the last summer days

I only have a few more days at home. So, when my friend called me up and asked if I wanted to go to KI for free. I, obviously, said yes.

It was the perfect weather, and a great day to catch up with a good friend.





The Eiffel Tower & a patriotic Snoopy.



We didn’t actually ride this…

Where does the time go?

We did ride this. We also rode my favorites: Diamondback and Flight of Fear. I love the feeling of floating out of my chair that happens when I ride Diamondback. However, I don’t love the feeling of almost falling out of a harness that happens everysingletime I ride Firehawk. I always forget that I don’t really like that ride, until I’m on it. I keep thinking that I’ll like it better the next time… but I don’t.

Food is always outrageously priced at amusement parks, but I love love love KI’s blueberry & vanilla swirl cones. I like to get sprinkles on mine. The almost five dollars I paid was well worth it, because as you can see, it was as big as my head.

I ate the whole thing. I’m a champ.

Here we are wrapping up the day with Mr. Dino. What we learned from the day: Always ask a mom to take your picture. Girls our age were not very happy to.

What did you do/learn on your fabulous Wednesday?