10 Days Already

Hey there. I know I’ve been gone a while. Well I moved back to school, had 4 days of training, and started classes. This semester is going to be V E R Y busy. I think I’m ready, though. I’m focusing on working hard and making the most of my life in 2012. My resolutions were to drink more water and to create more. I want to make art, take pictures, use my hands and my imagination. I also want to push myself this year. I’m going to start training more and stop wasting time! I’m excited and ready to see what this year has to offer…. it’s already given my 4 reading assignments for tonight… but oh well. ;)

This is a lovely manifesto from Creating Clever that I stumbled upon via Pinterest. Hope it brings you some motivation to stick to your goals this year. So what are your resolutions?

One Comment to “10 Days Already”

  1. I want that manifesto. It’s quite inspiring. I need some brilliant inspiration in my life.

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