3 books, 3 days

I read The Hunger Games series in three days. I was just a little bit obsessed. In all fairness, they’re quite good.

When I began reading I had no idea that the series would unfold the way it did. Also, I was a little bit sad of her choice at the end of the book.

Have you read the books? What did you think?

My favorite book would have to be Mockingjay. It tied everything together and kept you glued to the pages. Speaking of favorites, I did pick a favorite character. Or like 12…

Cinna tops the list. His skill and silent support aid Katniss throughout the series. Also, his defiance of the Capitol were strong points in the series that you may not have seen coming, or maybe you did. Also, he continues to help Katniss throughout the last two books, even when he is not with her.

Next, would be Haymitch. Finnick soon follows. I have my reasons for my top, what are yours?

March 23, can’t wait!


One Comment to “3 books, 3 days”

  1. I need to read these. asap.

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