That’s a wrap.

The semester is over!

Only 20 more hours until I’ll be home.


*Eating celery in a quiet room. It’s a very loud food to eat..

*Dancing to my music while studying.

Did i mention i was in a public place and someone started laughing at me?

*My dancing skills in general.

*How messy my room is because of finals week.

*The reoccurring dreams that I had this week. I h a t e  my tornado dreams and I haven’t had one in about six months, thanks finals.

*Also, I still can’t eat a burrito without it falling apart all over the place.

*The amount of coffee I drink.

A w e s o m e.

(When people bring you coffee as you’re studying)

(New to me bands~see playlist)

(Finishing finals)

(IU beating UK ohmygosh, it was a fantastic day)

(Present giving)

(Seeing friends you have barely seen all semester and being able to pick everything up like you saw each other yesterday)

(Half price Goodwill days. So great for college girls, like me, who like to buy their nephews books)

(The mug in the above picture. My guy friends are too cool for school)


One Comment to “That’s a wrap.”

  1. I hate eating loud foods if no one else is eating! I always feel the need to sit as far away as possible.

    Have a great break, Mel.

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