Wishful thinking

Today I was looking at Christmas lists on blogs. While I do have some items I wouldn’t mind having, there’s one thing I would want more.

Break time with family and friends.

Thanksgiving break was a little teaser. I only got to see one of the bests for a few short hours. I would love to be drinking hot cocoa and watching a christmas movie marathon with those two right now.

Or hanging out with my family, doing something fun or just relaxing at home.

Can’t wait for break!

P.S. Check out one of the bests’ new blog:The Little Things!

4 Comments to “Wishful thinking”

  1. Blonde moment:
    I clicked the link to the blog thinking it was kdub, our other best. I am a silly girl.

    p.s. What is on your christmas list?!

  2. In addition. I would love to be drinking hot chocolate and watching Christmas movies, preferably It’s a Wonderful Life, with my bests right now too. I hated that I was held captive from you since August and only got to sit and watch some HP with you for a few short hours, which actually felt like minutes. Grr to life.

  3. lolz at Nicki’s first comment. Soon enough ladies <3

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