Don’t let them hold you back

This post was going to be about my new skirt . . .

But it’s more than that.

I bought this skirt this weekend. I  l o v e  it. However, I was nervous to get it. When you buy something out of your comfort zone, it’s just that: slightly uncomfortable. I was worried about what people would think.

Then I did something wonderful: I said “screw i!”. I’m buying it because I love it. Why would it matter if “they” don’t.

I’ve been doing this more and more, embracing my quirks and the things I love, even if it’s not the norm. If it makes me happy, isn’t that enough? I shouldn’t live my life to fit in, to please the whole, to not be judged.

Let’s face it, someone is going to hate things I choose to do, say, wear, or love.

But there will be others that love it too.

So why not go for it?

I am


2 Comments to “Don’t let them hold you back”

  1. gah. love. want to borrow.

  2. This post is inspiring. I’ve been trying to do that, too. I bought this bright yellow, flare sleeved jacket. In fact, I wore it the same day you wore this skirt. I’ve gotten a couple weird looks, but I love it. :) And I always love your outfits. Keep being you.<3

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