Today is a good day.


Always walking into the wrong side of the door at CVS. I swear it should open on the right side, but it never does.

Walking, then swiftly turning around while talking to myself because I forgot something… but having people notice it.

Falling asleep at 8:30 and waking up still sitting with my Freud reading on my lap.

Waking up realizing that my nose ring was ripped out by my fuzzy pillow in the middle of the night. ouch.

Always complaining, and having my friends say: “#FirstWorldProblems” -makes me realize that I should be more thankful for things.

Doing very poorly on two exams..

Not having time to blog for a whole week.

Forgetting my umbrella, and forgetting to zip my backpack all the way = wet papers.


Seeing my family

Halloween. Love love loved that weekend. (Seeing high school friends, good memories & stories, fun costumes, note:above I’m a spiderweb, best friends, treats, and volunteering with kids)

Best friends visiting for Halloween.

Phone calls with my dad.

Local grocery stores. Bloomingfoods saved my program and I <3 it.

Doing well in a class.

Surprise gifts.

Christmas lights in my room. (Also, holiday cheer & all of the new decorations and ads for the holidays)

I’m taking ballet next semester as an elective!

My bulletin board is a turkey & my residents can put up feathers with things they are thankful for. Some they put up include of course: family, support, education, and friends… but then there was also: Nutella, glee, and my favorite, My dashing looks.


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