Thursday, already?


Falling on slippery floors due to the rain. Not once. Not twice. Three times. Plus my raincoat is magenta… hard to not take notice.

Reading aloud. I thought I was good at it, until I stumbled all over my words multiple times.

How I do not wake up to my alarm. I have to set 6 alarms. I tend to wake up two hours after I wanted to …

Pushing papers off until the night before they are do. I don’t know how to relate Marx and Weber AND RELIGION. No sleep?

When people always ask me, “What are you wearing?” … but not as a compliment… so what? sometimes I wear oversize Dad sweaters, leggings, shorts, and rain boots..


The fact that my family is visiting this week and one of the bests is coming the weekend after. (:

Having an alcohol program that includes “wine” (sparkling grape juice), cheese, and dressing fancy.

Having a reason to buy a new dress.

Rearranging & cleaning my room so I can concentrate. *Note the heels above which are placed on my window sill.

My desk that my fabulous father made. It is painted white with a pickle finish so you can still see the wood grain. Love it, because it makes me feel like I don’t live in a dorm… sort of..

The fact that I’m making an HP bulletin board. Love my job.


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