National Coffee Day!


Dropping my phone, shouting, & it turning to the white screen of death.

Rolling my ankle during my jog, while three guys were looking.

Limping everywere.

Flirting with the cafe boy — ha, just take my word for it.

Falling asleep in class, again, and waking up with my mouth open.

Trying to find someone when they didn’t have a phone and neither did I.

Boys trying to order coffee. Grand CarAHmel MaCHHiattooo, actually that was entertaining.



My new iphone!

National Coffee Day, yes.

Actually remembering that it’s Thursday

Having class cancelled

John Butler Trio CDs mailed to me!

Getting mail in general, love love love.

Bookstores. Everything about them and new books.



3 Comments to “National Coffee Day!”

  1. I looooooooove getting mail too! Even if it is trash mail, I get so super excited.

  2. My first time here. Awesome blog and great post. Well done.

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