Sometimes, you have those

Those nights where you don’t get much sleep. Those nights where you forgot about homework. Those days where you have to literally hold your eyes open in class. Those days where two cups of coffee in the morning is not enough. Where you burn your mouth with your coffee that you waited in a super long line for. Those days where you miss your friends. When you just want to be home. When you can’t think because you haven’t made a to-do list. Where your room is a hot mess.

These are the days that I send out grumpy texts to my best friends and sisters in hopes that they’ll cheer me up.

They do.


I love them.

Thank you.


2 Comments to “Sometimes, you have those”

  1. I HATE burning my mouth on coffee– it is like getting slapped by your best friend! How can something you love so much, hurt you so bad? :)

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