Actually on time.

Oh look, Thursday is here again.

That means Friday is tomorrow! No school Monday!



The above picture my sister happened to capture this summer as we were trying to do an outfit post…

Me, TRYING to eat a burrito. (I look like I’m feeding my shirt.)

Falling asleep in class and knocking your papers all over the ground.

Trying to find a conversation partner through my school’s classifieds website… how do people do online dating?!

When people avoid eye contact with me as they pass me, and I’m waving to them..

Burning myself twice in a day.

How everyone on staff thinks I’m weird, because I drink so much coffee and I am impatiently waiting for my Sbux gold card to get here.

The way I now talk, with words like supa, totes, awk. See below and the Harvard Sailing Team videos.

I went to the Spanish conversation table today and forgot how to introduce myself, or say anything. Can you say rusty?


How every time I type awesome, I say it like the 3rd grade cheer.

I get to see my family MONDAY!

Coffee, without a doubt.

My professors, they’re all interesting and supa nice.

Not being on duty all week/end

Can I say coffee again? What about pumpkin spice?

The weather here. & the fall is right around the corner.

Free tshirts.

Working out, finally.


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