Move in!

Yesterday was moving day for me. We decided to take little man. So that meant 2 cars, 2 sisters, 2 parents, and a three year old. We made it up fine after a few stops, and then it was time to move into my little home. Let me just say, mi familia is a hot mess when moving in. After we got everything in, we ran around and did some shopping. Then, we ate Indian food for an early birthday dinner for me. Little man was hilarious, he even talked and played with the waiter. That never happens, he’s a shy one in public. After that, we got ice cream and walked around. It was a lovely day. It didn’t end there, though! We bought a futon and had an adventure trying to put it together. The family finally left around ten. They were all very tired, and so was I. Now I have to finish unpacking… but I think I’ll make some coffee first!

There was construction, so of course we stopped to look at the bulldozer!


I’m so thankful for my family, love them, and I will miss them.


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