One of the last summer days

I only have a few more days at home. So, when my friend called me up and asked if I wanted to go to KI for free. I, obviously, said yes.

It was the perfect weather, and a great day to catch up with a good friend.





The Eiffel Tower & a patriotic Snoopy.



We didn’t actually ride this…

Where does the time go?

We did ride this. We also rode my favorites: Diamondback and Flight of Fear. I love the feeling of floating out of my chair that happens when I ride Diamondback. However, I don’t love the feeling of almost falling out of a harness that happens everysingletime I ride Firehawk. I always forget that I don’t really like that ride, until I’m on it. I keep thinking that I’ll like it better the next time… but I don’t.

Food is always outrageously priced at amusement parks, but I love love love KI’s blueberry & vanilla swirl cones. I like to get sprinkles on mine. The almost five dollars I paid was well worth it, because as you can see, it was as big as my head.

I ate the whole thing. I’m a champ.

Here we are wrapping up the day with Mr. Dino. What we learned from the day: Always ask a mom to take your picture. Girls our age were not very happy to.

What did you do/learn on your fabulous Wednesday?


One Comment to “One of the last summer days”

  1. Looks like so much fun! xo

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