Tips for Grocery Shopping

Recently I quit my job as a cashier in a grocery store. Don’t worry, I already have another job.

I’d like to offer you all some tips on shopping in your local grocery store through the eyes of an employee. & Please feel free to share what you think of grocery shopping!

  1. Be kind. We have to have nice customer service skills; it makes it a lot better when you are polite, too.
  2. That includes talking on your cell phone; it’s just rude, no way around it.
  3. Don’t pack the belt wide; your food will be smashed.
  4. Also, it works better if you put heavy stuff up first, and bread & chips last.
  5. We have to ask you on average 17 million questions, we know… it’s annoying.
  6. Please don’t tell the cashier how to do their job, generally they know.
  7. Don’t yell at the bagger, if you would like your milk in a bag, tell them nicely.
  8. Don’t put your milk in a bag; I just think it is a waste.
  9. Recycle your bags! Or, use the reusable bags.
  10. You can’t use 3 coupons on one product, only one.
  11. Don’t hand the cashier one coupon at a time, just give them all at once, preferably cut out beforehand.
  12. I’m sorry if the prices aren’t what you think they should be, or if you can’t find a product. Let’s be honest here, though, your cashier can’t do anything about it.
  13. Use a divider between your order and the next person’s! Your cashier CANNOT read minds.
  14. If you use self-check-out, be patient. There is one cashier for the six registers, and usually, if one thing goes wrong, five others do too.
  15. If you decide to shop at 11:30 at night, don’t seem so surprised that there is only one lane open.
  16. Price checks happen, sorry if you were in a hurry.
  17. Chat with your cashier, it makes it less awkward for you and them. Plus, most cashiers like talking to you.
  18. Don’t threaten to call your lawyer when they need to see your ID for a check, that’s just silly.
  19. If you’re under 27, just have your ID ready. Or don’t seem offended when asked to show ID for alcohol.
  20. Lastly, mistakes happen.

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