I’m late, for a very important date.


Realizing how hard it would be to eat with a mustache.

The fact that I had to google mustache, because I had always spelled it moustache (the British way, apparently).

Being looped up on drugs from getting my wisdom teeth out.

My nephew thinking it’s funny to poke my swollen cheek, which in turn bled.

Quitting your job properly, with a resignation letter, but half of your managers still not knowing about it.

Being made fun of for loving Disney channel. What can I say, I’m a six year old at heart?

Trying to change your whole life plan & next semester schedule.

My face swelling to twice its normal size, silly teeth of knowledge.


Girls nights, where we do ridiculous things like take the above picture.

Coffee with good friends, & being able to talk about our religious differences openly and without judgment.

The above mentioned talk sparking my interest, so that I signed up for an Intro to Religion class next semester.

Talking about college with the girls that are coming up next fall & helping them plan things out. So excited for them!

Last days of work!!!

Finishing People of the Book, it was a nice read. I recommend it.

One of the bests bringing me six flavors of ice cream, popsicles, jello, and juice. & then staying with me and watching The Pagemaster.

The fact that I’m no longer a premed/predent/science student.

*I am terrified and excited at the new possibilities all at the same time!

Alivia changed her blog name to  Brunch in April, & I am very excited for her!


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