Friday, Thursday, same difference

via i make shiny things via Julia Hepburn Art

Trying to make an outfit post… which I may put up later. maybe
Jamming in your car, only to realize the car next to you is staring
Forgetting it was Thursday yesterday, resulting in this post a day late
Spanish songs of the 90’s. . . it’s all I could find at the library
Librarians giving you mean looks for no reason (?)
How my skin hates the heat & sweat- I was only outside for two hours. /:
How I don’t know how to work the new writer that wordpress decided to make me use.
Realizing I didn’t give this post a title, until after I published it…

4th of July & time and a half
Wildflowers from one of the bests
Locally owned coffee shops
How everyone at work knows me by how much I love HP
Raspberry jam & almond butter on toast
Dressing up cute, with a hat
My newest blogcrush Jenni Austria Germany

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