Ever so Slightly Late


Realizing there are strange men from the electric company on your lawn, and then realizing you’re in a towel.

Getting asked out by an engaged man.

Saying, “Thank you, have a nice day,” to customers and when not getting a response, whispering, “or not.”

Rolling your ankle when standing

Me, when trying to dye my hair by myself, for the first time.


Tea time. & the fact that the face I make when I get my tea resembles the above picture.

The fact that I paused The Two Towers to the above picture and came back to it after getting my tea.

Walking into your room and finding your <outdoor> cat sleeping in your chair.

Frozen bananas with chocolate.

Best friends.


Hanson & the fact that they appear in this video.

The fact that so many people have helped out Alivia.


One Comment to “Ever so Slightly Late”

  1. Told you that Twitter is awesome! I love quoting you, so that is pretty awesome lol. I snickered quite a bit at my desk at work at the “engaged man.” only you. but don’t worry, it is his loss. I love you.

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