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June 30, 2011

Thursday, already?

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Yelling someone’s name, only for it to be someone else

Realizing your mother has more of a social life than you

Calling off of work on the wrong day

Drinks with ice in them.. I don’t like it

When someone asks me what my major is. I reply, Spanish.. but don’t ask me to speak.

Getting lost


The above picture from a local interstate

The holiday weekend

Homemade chicken nuggets & fries in the summer

Sweet tea from McD’s

Catching up with girlfriends

Whole Foods (OMG I am in love)

This amazing proposal..Check it out

June 29, 2011


I decided a long time ago that I wasn’t going to get a tattoo.

Recently, though, I’ve been really thinking about it. I want one. I want it to have meaning, though.

Also, I don’t know where I would get it.

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What are your takes on tattoos? Do you love ’em, hate ’em? Where would you get one? What would you get?

June 27, 2011


Hung out with my little sister and her friends tonight. It makes me miss those care free days of high school. I have to say it was good fun baking brownies, singing, facebook creeping, and watching not-so-scary scary movies.

Also, if you get two or more people to write “Happy birthday” on someone’s wall. More people start to add on to it. Very amusing.

Something else I love today….


June 24, 2011

Ever so Slightly Late


Realizing there are strange men from the electric company on your lawn, and then realizing you’re in a towel.

Getting asked out by an engaged man.

Saying, “Thank you, have a nice day,” to customers and when not getting a response, whispering, “or not.”

Rolling your ankle when standing

Me, when trying to dye my hair by myself, for the first time.


Tea time. & the fact that the face I make when I get my tea resembles the above picture.

The fact that I paused The Two Towers to the above picture and came back to it after getting my tea.

Walking into your room and finding your <outdoor> cat sleeping in your chair.

Frozen bananas with chocolate.

Best friends.


Hanson & the fact that they appear in this video.

The fact that so many people have helped out Alivia.

June 21, 2011

Summer Homework

I’m only taking one class this summer, but it’s more than I’m used to around this time. I find it hard to stay on task and actually study.

via My Head Is Full of Books

Anyone have good tips on how not to procrastinate?

& I would read outside like the lovely picture above… if only it would stop raining…

June 20, 2011

chai is love

I love chai tea lattes.

I may have developed the love for them after I decided to try one because this amazing lady always wrote of the (amazing-ness) of them.

Anyway, I tried it once and was hooked. They are especially lovely after a chemistry exam at 9:45 on Tuesday nights.

I think they got me through the winter, literally.

via Surrender of Thoughts

Do you know those articles in fashion magazines that say “if you skip the latte everyday you could buy all of this?” Then it proceeds to show you very cute dresses, shoes, and purses that most girls would love to have.

For a split moment I think, “maybe I’ll stop getting my chai and my macchiatos.”

Then I think better.

June 19, 2011

Friends, amusement parks, and good eats

This weekend my friend from school came to visit. She lives 3 hours away, so I appreciated her making the trek! We had a good time with her enjoying some of the Cincy food. We also went to Kings Island with this girl. We rocked the fanny packs and enjoyed the cooler weather. After our day we swung by Five Guys. I love the Jr cheeseburger with “everything except mustard.” Their fries are also fantastic!

Needless to say, it was a good day.

P.S.    Happy Father’s Day to all those papas out there! We enjoyed a lovely dinner in my household.  && A father appreciation post to come soon!

June 16, 2011

Oh hey there


Realizing that I hum to myself while scanning groceries

Getting hit in the nose by a three year old

Having old men hit on you at work

Walking out to my car to see my cat, shadow (above), in the stroller

Waking up at 9:38 when class started at 9

Not knowing how to work the online catalog at the library


Days off


Friends coming to visit


The organic section at the store

Finding money in your pocket

This post

June 14, 2011

i believe it’s tuesday

I believe that being kind to someone can make my day.

I work at a grocery store. The other night I was running the self check out area. This older lady comes through and asks for my help. She messed a few things up and started to get worried. I told her it was no problem and I fixed everything. I even finished her order and showed her how to work the machine. She then started to tell me how she suffers from panic attacks and this was the reason she was shaking. She also told me this was the first time she’d been out of the house for a while, but she even made it to church. She thanked me for helping and being so kind through everything. I told her it was not a problem and if she ever needed anything, just to ask.

While driving home, I realized, that just doing so much as helping someone check out their groceries can change their whole week. These are the moments I should remember when customers are being jerks. Maybe they’re just going through a rough time and need a little kindness.

When I know I’ve helped someone, it makes me feel all warm inside. (maybelameohwell) I enjoy it. I always feel like a better person if I’m helping someone, rather than bringing them down.

So next time you see someone who needs help, or even just a simple hello, go ahead, change their day. Change yours.


June 12, 2011

That’s how the cookie crumbles…

Hello everyone!

I hope everyone had a good week, mine was CRAZY!

Class, work, parties, movies, birthdays, and the pool.

While relaxing before work yesterday, the girls and I decided to have cookie time. It was a great way to celebrate the week.

How do you eat your oreos?

I split mine, lick the icing off, then dunk the cookies.

My sister (above) dunks the whole thing and bites.

The girls take all of their cookies and combine the icing into “icing balls” and eat those last.

They do that, because to them, the icing is the best. I like the cookie part better, though.

Well, hopefully I’ll be posting more this week! Until then, enjoy your cookies.