sorry for the hiatus.

Hello again! It’s been very long, I know. I’m so sorry for the disappearance. My life has been crazy.

I went to Gatlinburg for a weekend. (SO FUN) We climbed waterfalls, went to Dixie Stampede (a blast!), walked around the strip, and hung out by the pool. Then I’ve had some pretty hectic weeks.

Little 5 has come and gone. I went to Glowfest. It was out of control, crazy, and fun. Reminded me a bit of my first Warped.

*Photo credit- my good friend Court!*

-this was the beginning of Pretty Lights-

Following that I had an organic test, which thank some higher power, I DID NOT FAIL!

Then this week, I became terrible ill. Do not worry, though, I’m on medicine and my family came to visit today. It was great to see them, I missed them so much. Well now I just have 2 books to read, a two page paper & a 12 page paper to write, then studying for finals! Then I’ll be packing and moving back home for the summer!

I hope everyone has a good Easter! My family brought me Easter baskets today. It was such a joy to see them, miss them already. I also got lots of Dove chocolate & Harry Potter smelly markers! Love it.


3 Comments to “sorry for the hiatus.”

  1. I remember that feeling of joy, when the last test is taken and the final paper is handed in. I still remember it and it’s been twelve years. Good luck on your final projects and then enjoy.

  2. Love the pictures. =] And I have been sick too. Hope you feel better… being sick for finals was not enjoyable last semester. Good luck on finals. I’m sure I will see you this summer. =]


  3. Thank you both!
    Hannah, I will definitely see you this summer. I can’t wait!

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