How to walk on a sidewalk..

Even though you walk on the left side of the road, against traffic, the situation’s different on the sidewalk. For some reason, though, no one likes to follow the unstated rules of the sidewalk. Especially large groups of people, ahem.. touring high school kids and their parents..

I’ve gotten kicked off the sidewalk not only by these groups, but also large groups of girls and joggers. I don’t know why but this seems to be a pet peeve of mine. I just find it to be common courtesy to share the sidewalk. Maybe I’m wrong, though. Sometimes it seems that way, especially when I’m forced off the sidewalk into the grass or the road so that these groups can walk.

So be kind today kids, share the sidewalk!

Via: Improv Everywhere Shot either by:

Katie Sokoler or Scott Beale

…Maybe this idea should really be put to use…


One Comment to “How to walk on a sidewalk..”

  1. This drives me crazy, too!
    You are not alone. =]

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