Thursday: A&A

Thursday, you came again so quickly.

(this was taken at the Lotus festival in the kids’ chalk tent)


Walking into class late.

Realizing you’re singing out loud..

Sort of, almost. halfway crashing on your bike.. and no one even saw it

Looking for a movie for a VERY long time, almost three nights in a row.. because you’re too indecisive to just pick one.

Falling asleep in the lounge while trying to read Freud..


Working out & loving it.

Jamming in my room to JBT

Coffee & french toast.

Taco day!

Family visits this weekend (:



3 Responses to “Thursday: A&A”

  1. Uh hi we have taco day on thursday! And, I love it. BeeTeaDub have fun with the fam, and tell them I said hello.

    p.s. I hate when you show up to class, and you hope no one notices, but they do. Its inevitable; everyone and their mom it seems like turns around to stare.

  2. I’m glad you’re using my beeteadub version!
    I’ll tell them hello, we all miss you!


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